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No to Inquiry for the time being and calls on politicians to put forward solutions: COVID19

Tukaki says no to Inquiry for the time being and calls on politicians to put forward solutions and end time wasting: COVID19

The Executive Director of the New Zealand Maori Council, Matthew Tukaki, has called for calm around the increasing calls for “Vaccine Preferencing”. The calls comes amidst calls for an Inquiry into the latest lockdown, preferencing for South Auckland of the next round of vaccines and the ongoing frustration of some COVID19 victims being harassed on social media:

“We need to be careful on the mounting calls from different quarters on the vaccine rollout that would see some groups prioritised over others. In all reality we have any number of high risk New Zealanders in a raft of vulnerable categories from Maori and Pacifica to Auckland who sits at the heart of the channel and flow of the virus across our borders. But to deviate from the plan that has been drawn up using the best in medical and scientific advice would do no more than to divide instead of uniting us.” Tukaki said.

“Of course, I would like to see Maori and Pacifica as well as the whole of Auckland first out the gate – but we have a duty to protect our front-line workers, our elderly and all of those who are most at risk – and to be honest if the Ministry of Health have a recommended rollout plan then lets stick to it.” Tukaki said.

“Its also important that when we get through this then of course there should be an inquiry into what happened, what we did and what lessons we could have learned. But the call by some politicians to start that process off now on the back of small business who are doing it tough is not that time. What we need to do is continue, as a nation, to shop local and build back better – and if that means additional support for small business especially in tourism and hospitality, of which many Maori are also owners, then let’s focus on that – an Inquiry now when we haven’t even come out the other side is Foley.” Tukaki said.

“The attacks on social media of those who have become infected is also not who we are as a nation. We all make mistakes; we all do things that sometimes we regret later. But COVID19 is the enemy here not each other. “ Tukaki said

“We need to be focusing our time and attention on the big task and that is rebuilding our economy, investing in jobs to bring the unemployment rate down, focus on the housing crisis and number of other issues that have only been amplified by the pandemic. So when people speak let them speak of plans and solutions not hoha and nonsense.” Tukaki said

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