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Maori Health Provider $40 million boost COVID19

A further update has been provided around the support announced by Minister Peeni Henare yesterday in respect of the COVID19 vaccine roll-out program. Matthew Tukaki, Council Executive Director, indicated this was good news for Maori health providers who will see an initial funding boost to support the roll-out:

"I have said repeatedly we need to ensure we have a plan that support out most vulnerable communities and of course that means Maori. We well remember the Spanish flu pandemic and the impact it had on our communities." Tukaki said

Tukaki has said that dedicated funding and resources for Māori communities to prepare for the COVID-19 vaccination programme.Initial funding of about $39 million will ensure Māori communities and providers are prepared for the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in their hapori. An initial 40,000 courses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be provided specifically for Māori and Pasifika health providers giving the providers the flexibility to best meet the health needs of our people.

The funding and vaccine allocation is as follows:

  1. $24.5 million for the development of community-based vaccine support services that will support Māori Health Providers to engage and prepare their communities for the COVID-19 vaccination programme

  2. $11 million to be provided directly to Māori Health Providers to help build provider infrastructure and workforce capability

  3. $2 million for iwi to deliver dedicated and tailored communications campaigns to their whānau

  4. $1.5 million for workforce development

  5. 40,000 courses of the COVID-19 vaccine as a starting point for Māori and Pasifika health providers.

Tukaki thanked Associate Minister for Health, Peeni Henare and Deputy Director General of Health, John Whaanga, saying that the next step was the COVID-19 Māori Vaccine and Immunisation approach and that would be released over the next week and include:

  1. Iwi/Māori involvement in the governance of the programme and in technical advisory groups,

  2. targeted vaccination approach,

  3. provider support,

  4. workforce development,

  5. communications.

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