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The Maori Community Development Act (1962)

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Maori Councils Members Manual and Guide


Reviewing the Māori Community Development Act 1962

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Policy: The Future of Work


Policy: Caring for our Elders


Policy: COVID 19 SME Support


Whakamaua: The Maori Health Action Plan

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Inquiry into the operation of the COVID19 Health Response ACT 2020


Policy: Rangatahi New Zealand Maori Council 

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Inquiry into Maori Wards / Submissions

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Policy: The Maori Economy

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Select Committee: Water Bill 2021 / Submissions

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Submission: UNDRIP Visit to New Zealand 2019

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Recommendations: Suicide Prevention and Mental Health 2020

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Position Paper 2019: Oranga Tamariki 

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Proposed amendments to the Whenua Maori and the Public Works Package of proposals

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Report: Suicide Prevention and the Path Ahead 2020

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Position Paper: Housing and Housing Affordability

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Submission: The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission

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