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Tauranga Moana  District Mãori Council 

Kia ora – Welcome to Tauranga Moana  District Maori Council.




John Ohia

Tauranga-Moana was taken from out of the Waikato Maniapoto District.  The southern boundary is defined by the southern boundary of the Waikato-Maniapoto District and so Te Puke is not included in it. Tauranga Moana adjoins the Te Arawa district and so the southern boundary is fixed by the Māori Land Court boundary between Waikato-Maniapoto and Waiariki. The line proceeds along the Kaimai ranges to cut east to the sea shortly south of Waihi. Included in the district are the islands of Matakana, Motiti, Tuhua and Te Karewa.


Tauranga Moana District Mãori Council 

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