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The Maori Community Development Act (1962)


The New Zealand Māori Council has a proud 50 year record advocating for Māori interests. We have continuously exerted pressure on Governments to protect Treaty rights with policies that further partnership, protection, consultation and compensation for Maori. We have achieved significant results in Māori land, Māori forestry, Māori fisheries, Māori language, and Māori airwaves. The unique feature of the New Zealand Māori Council is its statutory mandate to work for and on behalf of the greater Māori community. Key to this are the provisions in Section 18 of the Act: (download a copy of the ACT HERE

18 General functions of the New Zealand Maori Council

(1) The general functions of the New Zealand Maori Council, in respect of all Maoris, shall be—

(a) to consider and discuss such matters as appear relevant to the social and economic advancement of the Maori race:
(b) to consider and, as far as possible, give effect to any measures that will conserve and promote harmonious and friendly relations between members of the Maori race and other members of the community:
(c) to promote, encourage, and assist Maoris—
(i) to conserve, improve, advance and maintain their physical, economic, industrial, educational, social, moral, and spiritual well-being;
(ii) to assume and maintain self-reliance, thrift, pride of race, and such conduct as will be conducive to their general health and economic well-being;
(iii) to accept, enjoy, and maintain the full rights, privileges, and responsibilities of New Zealand citizenship;
(iv) to apply and maintain the maximum possible efficiency and responsibility in their local self-government and undertakings; and
(v) to preserve, revive and maintain the teaching of Maori arts, crafts, language, genealogy, and history in order to perpetuate Maori culture: 
(d) to collaborate with and assist State departments and other organisations and agencies in—
(i) the placement of Maoris in industry and other forms of employment;
(ii) the education, vocational guidance, and training of Maoris;
(iii) the provision of housing and the improvement of the living conditions of Maoris;
(iv) the promotion of health and sanitation amongst the Maori people;
(v) the fostering of respect for the law and law-observance amongst the Maori people;
(vi) the prevention of excessive drinking and other undesirable forms of conduct amongst the Maori people; and
(vii) the assistance of Maoris in the solution of difficulties or personal problems.

(2) The New Zealand Maori Council shall advise and consult with District Maori Councils, Maori Executive Committees, and Maori Committees on such matters as may be referred to it by any of those bodies or as may seem necessary or desirable for the social and economic advancement of the Maori race.

(3) In the exercise of its functions the Council may make such representations to the Minister or other person or authority as seem to it advantageous to the Maori race.

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